Lee Scratch Perry & Peter Harris " The Higher Powers Bible From Genesis To Revelation


Lee 'Scratch' Perry + Peter Harris, The Higher Powers During the last decade, Jamaican shaman Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and multifaceted British artist Peter Harris have embarked on a diverse series of collaborative artworks. Centering on 100 previously unseen collaborative works (of which 25 are shown in this book), The Higher Powers Bible has visual representations of Perry’s apocalyptic visions, with fire, brimstone and righteous judgement being exacted on wicked bankers, evil presidents and transgressive prime ministers; vile slave masters with heads of money whip the wretched poor, while the middle classes are force-fed a fast-food diet of addictive iPads, throwaway cars, and toxic mortgages. The pictures are augmented by Perry’s chanted incantations, using his black marker pen as a sword; the stream-of-consciousness words form a symbolic counterpart to a Jamaican deejay, toasting over Harris’s visual ‘riddims.’

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An Illustrated Work by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Peter Harris

All Higher Powers Bible drawings priced at £1,500

Portrait by Lily Musker

Oil on canvas


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